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ORIENTATION - Brief Overview

Welcome to Larabee & Wilmington Investigations, aka LAW. LAW was established by Chris Larabee several years ago. The main focus of LAW is criminal cases. LAW does handle issues of a personal nature, including: missing persons, infidelity and background checks.

Though the LAW men prefer to work alone, they do have a professional relationship with another San Diego investigation firm, Simon & Simon.

LAW is noted for obeying anything but the law and tends to follow an unwritten code of their own. Made up of seven completely different personalities, they complement rather than clash, though the latter has been known to happen.

Below you will be directed to the major working points involving LAW. For further information, please click on the pictures throughout the site.

The LAW Office

Enter here to access the individual profiles of the seven LAW men as well as a brief overview and setting of the LAW office itself

The Boarding House/Saloon

The true inner workings of LAW. By accessing this file you will be permitted a brief overview of both establishments that are crucial to the success of LAW, as well as Ashley Glavin's profile.

Four Corners

The government district. Here you will have access to the profiles of some of the people the LAW men come in contact with.

Simon & Simon Investigations

Rick and AJ Simon - Private Investigators. Here you can read their brief bios and how they fit in with LAW

Bureau of T's

Here is a compliation of the LAW men's various T-shirts and the stories behind them. Feel free to add your own.

The Filing Cabinet

The place to read past cases, memos and other comminucations within the LAW office.


Everyone needs a little of this sometime so, kick back, relax and enjoy a few...ummm "training videos"...?


Other sites associated with LAW, it's men and the people who have so graciously helped in the building of this site and AU.

Memo to future LAW Clients

The doors to LAW are always open. Clients always welcomed to bring on new cases for the LAW men or S&S or both to take on. We are a family orientated firm as ask that you take sexual explicit cases to a list perhaps.
This is a Magnificent Seven/Simon & Simon crossover AU - though you need not employ both firms in your cases. LAW works well on their own as do the Simon brothers. It's when they get together things start getting...interesting.

I do not make any profits from this site and wish to thank all those who allowed me to post the wonderful screenshots. If you see a picture that is yours and you do not wish it to be shown, please contact me and I will take it down straightaway.

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